Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Re: CNA's Take on the Hougang Utd - Etoile FC Game

We read with shock and amazement over the report http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sportsnews/view/1130712/1/.html written by Patwant Singh and Phillip Goh. The article is titled "S-League match between Etoile and Hougang called off over fight".

We find it weird that the writer chosen to include the fact that "..Hougang United fans too were also part of the fracas."

As reiterated in our previous post, we do not believe that the fans of Hougang United, more affectionately known as "U4U" were involved in the fracas. Had there been any resentment, based on the number of fans that were present, perhaps the Police would had already been called to the scene.

Thus, we hope that relevant papers would publish a true account of what is happening, rather than resort to 'speculation' and 'untrue accusation' or 'baseless conjuncture' to sensationalize the news.

The Ultras, together with U4U, share the same passion for sports, as well as the belief that football support should be of non-violent and non-racist in nature.

Allez Etoile, Allez Ultras, Allez U4U

Etoile Ultras

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