Monday, May 23, 2011

A Letter from Etoile Ultras on Cancellation of Game on 23rd May 2011

Dear Readers,

The game between Hougang United and Etoile FC on 23rd May 2011 at the Hougang Stadium was unfortunately abandoned before even a ball was kicked by the referee in charge, Mr Muhd Taqi. The reason for the abandonment of the game is not certain.

While there are many speculations that a 'pre-match brawl' was the reason for this unfortunate cancellation of the game, we, the Ultras, would like to reiterate that neither of us present for the game at Hougang Stadium witnessed any nasty incidents as we were outside of the stadium when 'the nasty brawl' took place. In fact, the owner of, Mr Ko Po Hui, is our best witness to this statement.

When we entered the stadium, it was a scene in which the players were asked to enter their respective dressing room without any confirmation of the incidents being given to us, or anyone present. While we are shocked that the match had to be cancelled after a meeting between the officials in charge of the game and the respective team's captains, Antonin Trilles (Etoile FC) & Shariff Samat (Hougang United), we have to give credit to U4U, led by Mr Mervin Tan & Mr Ken Lye.

Ultras and U4U had been looking forward to this clash for a very long time, and as 7.30pm gets near, anticipation became disappointment with the announcement of the cancellation. Despite the alleged on-field incident, the fan clubs at the terraces were shaking hands, full of smile and exchanging greetings. There were no hostility nor were there at any time, danger of violence that would happen between the 2 sets of fans.

We, the Ultras, would like to re-confirm our commitment to non-violence and non-racist approach to 'the Beautiful Game' that many people like to watch, or bet for that matter.

We also urge the relevant authorities to conduct a fair and thorough investigation towards this incident, with details released to the mainstream media and on their website ( to account to the fans and fan clubs, in particular, as to what had really happened and the punishment meted out.

Only a fair and just investigation would ensure that the S-League is one that is credible and not prejudiced.

Thank you.

Etoile Ultras

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