Monday, May 23, 2011

Stars face Cheetahs at Hougang Stadium

Etoile FC will face Hougang United, hoping to rub off 'Monday Blues' to the Cheetahs and its "Black Army", and avoid being the second casualty in a week. Hougang United are clearly on a high having seen off a fatigued Tampines Rovers side that not only seemed to lost their shape, but also their composure in the game, with Hassan Sunny being sent off.

Etoile FC certainly did not have the best of time when they met Hougang United previously, emerging 4-2 winners from the game, but taught a lesson of defensive football by the Cheetahs. That said, Hougang United had a keen eye for goal most recently, as they have scored twice in both games against Home United (lost 4-2) and Tampines Rovers (won 2-0). Etoile FC is also going through a rich vein of form not only in attack, but also keeping clean sheets while recording victory. Antonin Trilles seemed to be one of THE goalkeeper in the league currently and it remains to be seen how the Cheetahs can continue the 'stop at 2' policy in goal scoring.

One thing is for sure, if Hougang United cannot impress fans on the field, their supporters (Black Armies) would be a joy to watch. The singing and cheering should be able to entertain fans at the Hougang Stadium.

Let's hope that they will be too devastated to sing during the game as Etoile FC would had gotten a comfortable lead by then.

"You only sing when you're winning"

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