Friday, August 5, 2011

A Letter to the Ultras

Dear Ultras,

It was brought to our attention that a certain someone, whom we had defended his group during the Hougang United - Etoile FC fracas, had been spreading hatred message of Etoile FC in cyberspace, more particularly in, and to a lesser extent, Facebook.

We urge all Ultra to practice restrain on this person. We have to empathize this person for the fact that he is new to the S-League and could not get players right at most instances, as confirmed by a fellow member in his group. We must also further empathize this person for the fact that he is staying at home for the best part of his life, thus the warped mindset.

Let the hatred from this guy shows the character that he is.

In the meanwhile, we would be taking necessary actions and will update on this blog in due course.

Thank you.

Etoile Ultras Committee Member

*P.S. This letter is written in my own capacity and does not represent the stand or viewpoint of Etoile Ultras, its management and member on a whole.

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