Monday, April 16, 2012

We support referee K Kalimuthu!

Last night the Sleague fixtures got plenty of drama on the refereing side as 6 penalties have been awarded. Four in the Young Tigers vs Woodlands game and two in the Tampines vs Gombak game.

This monday morning the newspapers and the local internet forums are buzzing with anger towards referee K Kalimuthu who was the star of the Young Tigers vs Woodlands game. He awarded 4 penalties. Many spectators and officials have been very critical with Kalimuthu's decisions as they seemed to be somewhat 'dubious' (article).

Well, we the ULTRAS we support Kalimuthu!

Just kidding! But we support the referees.

K Kalimuthu has a very heavy record of 'dubious' calls over the years in the Sleague, he even got suspended for a month in 2007 for awarding a non existing penalty during a Gombak vs albirex game (article). In 2009, no suspension but he got his butt kicked by DPPM players in another heated game (article).

The lack of professionalism and talented referees is a known matter by the Sleague and FAS officials. Last year 23rd Lion City Cup was a prime example where local referees showed their limits while refereeing International U16 teams (article). As Sasi 'To be fair' Khumar said after the competition, we may look into having foreign referees next year. Well it seems it won't happen in 2012 and we may once again have the local team to make the ESPN commentators laugh when funny referee calls in favor of the locals will be awarded.

So I said we support the referees and I stand by this sentence. Why?

Well for any of us who have played to a certain level in a team (football, basketball etc...) we know that we must respect the referee decision and never discuss his calls. These are golden rules. But every weekend, in every football pitch across the world there are shocking stories of referees being insulted, attacked etc... It is important that supporters, players and parents understand that such violent behaviours is not acceptable and should be punished.

The referees are under the spotlights in every game, local game or Champions League game, they sometimes make mistakes and we have to accept that.

How many of us have been refereeing a game? Not many. How many of us have been vehement towards a referee during a game? I reckon we all have been at least one time.

I remember an Etoile FC game last year, where the referee Abas Daud made some calls against the French team that I think were 'unfair'. After the game I bumped into him on a parking lot and we talk for a few minutes. We shared our views and shook hands with a smile. I believe after our discussion I had a better undertanding of his work and challenges on the pitch.

So Support our sleague and support Kalimuthu, he really really really needs it! Who knows maybe next game he will award 5 penalties.

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