Monday, January 16, 2012

Etoile FC to Sit Out of 2012 Season

Following the official decision by Etoile FC to sit out of the 2012 S-League season, the Etoile Ultras Committee unanimously agree with the decisions made by the management of Etoile FC. While Mr Johan Gouttefangeas' appointment as Deputy CEO is a contributing factor towards the sitting out, other factors that are primarily linked to the same person also meant Etoile FC would find it hard to remain competitive for the 2012 season.

It is worth noting that the Etoile Youth Academy will still be running its course and the Etoile Ultras have pledged to give their continuous support to the Youths of Etoile FC.

Also in the pipeline, to show our continuous support to the local footballing scene, Etoile Ultras are in the midst of discussion to 'adopt' a team to support in the absence of Etoile FC. However, Etoile FC Youth Teeam would still be the priority in every instance.

While we hope that the standard of local football would improve despite the absence of Etoile FC, we believe that the loss of the Stars this year would be bane to local footballing scene.

Etoile Ultras Committee


  1. Please help to support our Brunei team DPMM FC this season as we won't be able support them while they play matches in Singapore.. =(

    1. do you have the email address of the DPMM fan club leader? We are looking to establish more connection with South east Asian fanclubs.