Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Etoile FC managed 1-1 draw against Home United in 1st Leg, Looks Set to Dominate 2nd Leg

Etoile FC extended their unbeaten run against Home United in regulation time to 4 games, as a fortuitous penalty converted by Sherif El-Masri gave the Protectors a 1-1 draw with Etoile FC. While Etoile FC is not new to referees' decision going against them, this game would certainly bring such bias to a whole new level.

Sirina Camara scored his 2nd goal in 2 games to give the Stars the lead, and the Stars had at least 3 more chances to open up a 2 goal advantage. However, the brilliance of Lionel Lewis kept the scoreline respectable. The 2nd half saw the Protectors trying to look for the elusive penalty that would help them to level the scoreline, and they did so in the 88th minute.

Overall, the Stars showed hunger and desire to win Home United and the tie is very much alive with the 2nd League scheduled to be played this Thursday (22nd September 2011). The winner will face off with the winners of the Albirex vs Hougang United tie in the finals.

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