Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastile Day Celebration for Etoile FC in the Pipeline!

It's Bastile Day and Queenstown Stadium will see competitive football action just 3 days after the Stars pulled off one of the most remarkable victory against an in-form Home United by 2 goals. Riding on this high, the Stars would be looking to continue the momentum and produce results, especially so when title challengers SAFFC and Tampines Rovers had chalked up wins over this period of time.

One would wonder if Coach Arena would continue to spring out any tactical surprises after the brilliant deployment of Jonathan Toto in midfield against the Protectors. Coach Arena would also have the privilege of having 3 players returning from suspension, but with such a great performance on Monday, would the trio have a chance to start this time round?

Balestier Khalsa, on the other hand, are hoping that the capture of Aussie striker Mark McGough would finally be able to assist them in scoring against the Stars. The Tigers had never scored against the Stars, with the only time the Tigers had gotten any points in the encounter between the two teams being a 0-0 draw when the 2 teams met for the first time this season.

Thus, there is every reason for Antonin Trilles to feel confident of getting a 2nd consecutive clean sheet tonight, with the aid of his defense. Join the Ultras and cheer for the Stars on Bastille Day!

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