Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friendly game: Etoile FC - Singapore

On the 30th June at Jalan Besar stadium was held a friendly game between Etoile FC and the Singapore National Team.

We all remember that Etoile FC already challenged in a friendly game the Malaysian National Team earlier this year. The final score was 1-1. This time Etoile FC was up to a similar task and the Singapore National Team showed up with a full strength team with Duric and Qiu Li in the starting eleven, whereas Etoile starting eleven included players who had less Sleague playing time such as Blanpin, Durand, Moulin.

Singapore goals came in the first half, within 30 minutes in fact. A generous free kick from the referee located just on the edge of the penalty box was a too good to be missed opportunity for Chinese born Qiu Li. The second goal came 15 minutes later Duric volleyed a ball coming from the right side. Let's be honest, Etoile was struggling during the first half, not able to put the ball down and start a game play. Singapore looked like being in control.

The second half was a different matter. With Duric and Qiu Li replaced, the danger was now coming from Etoile with the entrance of key players like Toto, Belouet, Camara, Kaabi and newly signed Chaaouane. Etoile dominated the second half, with a couple of dangerous counterattacks from Singapour though (one hitting the crossbar). Etoile goal was a 1-2 play including Kamal Chaaouane scoring.

The last 15minutes looked like Etoile can get the equalizer, but Singapore players experience did not allow that.

2-1 final score for Singapore. Etoile can be proud they fought and almost got the draw.

Man of the match was Jean Charles Blanpin, the young Etoile player was able to show his skills and clever gameplay, he stayed on the pitch the full 90min and the ULTRAS will not be suprised if he plays more game in the near future.

Thanks to Aleks' Duric who took some time to chat with me and play with my 7 months old baby boy who was wearing a Alam Shah Arema baby jersey.

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