Friday, April 29, 2011

Friendly game - Etoile FC vs Singapore U18

28 april 2011: Friendly game at ITE Simei.

Etoile FC vs U18 Singapore

Final score 4-0 for Etoile (Fougeroud 28', Kaabi 43', Bouchemlal 75', miniLefranc 85')

I talked to Arena prior to the game and his goal was to do a practice game, asking his players to use some tactics and set ups. 'I don't care about the goals, I want to see a team playing together and passing the ball' he screamed to the french players during the second half.

Etoile Fc displayed some good football and easily won the friendly game with superior physical strength and skills.
However surprisingly enough the first real chance of goal came from U18, when #43 Iqbal Hamid Hussain found himself alone in the penalty box in front of second goalkeeper Hadama Bathily. The Singaporean player shot hit the goalkeeper and miss the target. Throughout the game this #43 U18 player showed some real skills and a good vision of football. Finally some hopes for the Singapore National Team.
But apart from this golden chance, the rest of the game was all about Etoile FC trying to build some tactics and passing to reach the opponent penalty box and score. The game took a more efficient turn when Maxime Belouet entered in the game during the second half, his vision of the game and great passing skills quickly helped Etoile in desorganising U18 defense and more goal opportunities appeared.

Credits to the U18 as they kept trying to attack during the entire game and never showed bad sportmanship. This youngs guys have talents and by playing against team like Etoile Fc they will improve.

All Etoile FC players except for Trilles, Justin (injured), Durand (injured) and Lefranc participated in the game.

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