Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why You Should Be An Ultras!!!

There are many people who thought that Etoile FC would follow in the shoes of previous foreign football clubs like Sinchi FC, Sporting Afrique and Dalian Shide in being 1 season occupants of the S-League, but boy are they surprised when Etoile FC did the unthinkable of being S-League Champions and Singapore League Cup winners in their debut season.

So why should YOU support Etoile FC and not the other 11 clubs in the S-League? We give you 5 reasons why you must be an ULTRA:

1) We do not bang drums and shout the same old cheers like 10 other clubs do (with the exception of Hougang United's fan club). We cheer on our team, we do not jeer our opponents and we do not challenge rival fan clubs to fight - even if we outnumber them by more than 100 to 1. We wave our flags, we blow our horn (thankfully not trumpet) and we applaud the winning team at the end.

2) "Playing against Etoile FC is like playing in a cup final", so says one S-League coach. By joining the Ultras, it means that you are attending 'cup finals' week in week out. Only by playing against the best teams would you see the best of your opponents. Against Etoile FC, every team want to beat us, and in order to so, have to raise their standard by 2 or 3 notches. So when you join us, it means that you get to see the best of both teams, game in game out.

3) We communicate regualrly with our fanclub. Unlike some other fan clubs that have twitter and facebook pages, the Ultras communicate to our fans with latest news as well as updates. In addition, we would also inform you of games and blog updates as and when it happens. Pierre and Bruno are also regularly online to assist in queries that fellow Ultras may have. Where on earth can you find such responsive fanclub people?

4) We care for our fellow Ultras. The Etoile Ultras always make sure that all fans are taken of. This is more than a fanclub, but a brotherhood of fans who are interested in a club, Etoile FC, and come together to support the team. Win or lose, we will always stick together and look out for one another.

5) The players communicate with you and they know you. Unlike some teams, the Etoile FC players know the Ultras and communicate with the Ultras before and after games, and also online via facebook. This is one of the few clubs where players and fans interaction is at its maximum.

Join us today. Drop us an email at and be a part of S-League history. We are the first club to come out with our own supporters' shirt and souveniors.

Allez Etoile, Allez Ultras!

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