Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Etoile Ultras "Trade Punches" with U4U

Johnathan Francis of United4United (U4U) walked into the Queenstown Stadium last night with a few of his U4U members. One of them, in the red shirt, started to stare at the Ultras from Etoile FC. As both eyes meet, people around them could feel that a fight is perhaps brewing. The S-League security are not sure what to expect next. Johnathan walks up to the Ultras, Bruno and Pierre stood up. Mervin rushed forward and before the guards could come...... Everyone from Ultras and U4U shook hands and exchange greetings.

The S-League clash between Etoile FC and Hougang United FC may be remembered for the 4-2 scoreline to many spectators, but for the fan clubs, it is about the friendship that was forged because of the 'beautiful game". While the U4U group were audibly louder than their French counterparts, good humour, bantering and sportsmanship were on show to all present. The atmosphere was so different from what Etoile Ultras had experienced previously at the Jurong West Stadium, and both fan clubs treated one another with respect.

U4U, we welcome you back to the Queenstown Stadium soon! Thank you for putting a good show last night.

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